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"You Can Learn How to Sell"

By June 20, 2008

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Many will tell you that selling is a talent that you are born with. They will say you need to be a natural born salesperson in order to be successful in sales. I say they they are wrong -- all wrong.

Anyone who has the desire to be in sales, can be very successful in sales -- it just takes patience and the desire to learn something new...almost every single day! It's true that sales is not your ordinary job and it does require a large skill set, but it is a skill set that can and will be developed over time.Learning how to sell is not like learning how to tie your shoe. Learning how to tie a bow may seem complicated in the beginning (just like sales) but frankly, once you have mastered the wrap around and the loop and the pulling out into a bow, your pretty much done. Where do you go from there? It is drudgery, day after day; first the right foot and then the left or sometimes you switch for variety. Does this seem boring and uninspiring? I think so. This is not like sales to me, at all.

Really what learning how to sell is like would be more like learning how to play an instrument. First you learn the basics, just enough to make a toot or a ping and from there you learn how to play a song that you can hear and actually recognize. You resonate with it! That's just like what happens when you make your first sale...it feels like a zing-bang-boom deep inside you and you want to do it again. You want to play that music over and over again. As time goes on, you learn more techniques and expand your knowledge and hone your expertise. You soon become the master and then move on to even other instruments and sometimes orchestra leader. This is what learning sales is like. When you learn sales, you will succeed when you commit to becoming the master of selling. The knowledge is out there to learn, but it is really practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the greater your success.

I believe that anyone can learn sales because I am one of them that did -- and I know you can too!


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