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Closing Techniques

Closing is the most important part of each and every sale. If you don't close, you won't have much luck in getting prospects to buy from you, so mastering the basic closing techniques is a necessity.

How to Close a Sale
The most important step in the sales process is also one of the most neglected. I'm talking about the close, of course. Every salesperson should attempt to close every sale with no exceptions.

Before You Close the Sale
Is closing a sale a real struggle for you? Then you probably haven't taken the time to lay the right groundwork earlier in the sales process.

Why You're Afraid to Ask for the Sale
The most common error that new salespeople make is not asking for the sale at the end of a pitch. If you don't ask the prospect to buy from you, you almost certainly won't get the sale.

When Prospects Change Their Minds
Having a prospect change his mind just when he's about to sign on the dotted line is incredibly frustrating for salespeople.

How to Improve Your Closing Ratio
Your closing ratio is the ratio between the number of sales you start and the number of sales that end in a purchase. If yours is poor, then you'll need to brush up on your closing skills.

Kick-Starting a Stalled Sale
How many sales do you have just sitting in your pipeline with no sign of forward motion? Kick-starting a stalled sale requires you to move back in the sales process.

What to Do When Prospects Go Silent
If a prospect suddenly stops talking to you, that's a bad sign - but it doesn't mean that the sale is lost.

How to Spot Buying Signals
Buying signals are the way prospects tell you, consciously or not, that they're interested. Do you know how to spot the most common buying signals and how to respond?

Closing with Confidence
Closing the sale can be an anxious moment. Once you've mastered the necessary tools, though, closing becomes much easier and much more pleasant.

How Following Up Can Save Lost Sales
When you lose a sale, is it really lost or did you just give up too easily? An effective follow-up campaign can rescue a surprising number of supposedly lost sales.

When to Use Closing Techniques
Closing techniques are hotly debated between salespeople. Some prefer to close heavily throughout the sales process, while others insist that sales techniques are a crutch for weak salespeople.

Close the Sale - Basic Closing Strategies
The most important step in the sales process is also one of the most neglected. I'm talking about the close, of course. Every salesperson should attempt to close every sale with no exceptions.

Close the Sale – Intermediate Closing Strategies
Once you've mastered the basic art of closing a sale, it's time to review some intermediate-level strategies. These closes aren't necessarily more difficult than the basic closing strategies, but they tend to be more complex.

Close the Sale – Advanced Closing Strategies
These closes are a bit trickier to apply than the basic or intermediate closes. They require more setup time or a willingness to push the prospect a little harder. But when used wisely, they can seal the deal with prospects who otherwise wouldn't buy from you.

Prospect Fears That Kill the Sale
Your prospect's frame of mind has a huge effect on the sales process. If he has had bad experiences with previous purchases, he's going to be very cautious about future ones. In that case, you may need to put some extra effort into soothing those concerns.

More Prospect Fear Factors
A scared prospect will dig in his heels and refuse to move forward in the sales process. When pushed, he may simply cancel the whole thing. Learn how to recognize and cure many of the common prospect fear factors.

Price Objections
Don't cringe when you finally get around to telling a prospect how much your product costs. After all, if it's a good product that will improve your prospect's life, it's worth the price.

Why Sales Fail
Sales that fall apart at the last minute are more frustrating even than the prospects who hang up on you. Cut down on your number of sales breakdowns by taking the following steps.

Using Deadlines
A deadline of some kind is a good way to get your prospects moving. You can use them to create urgency and jar a prospect out of the status quo.

Why Prospects Like Delays
Do your prospects drive you crazy by slamming on the brakes just when you think it's a done deal? Prospects have several possible reasons to delay a purchase, and they may not see any reason to hurry.

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