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Product and Book Reviews

If you don't have the right tools you can't do the job. Salespeople turn to books to get a little supplemental sales training, and to technology such as CRMs to boost productivity. The trick is finding the right tools for you.

Book Review: Selling for Dummies (3rd Edition)
The third edition of "Selling for Dummies" is an even more helpful sales reference than the earlier versions.

Book Review: Selling for Dummies, 2nd Edition
Packed with tips, tricks and anecdotes, "Selling for Dummies" is a useful and often amusing reference.

Book Review: The Accidental Salesperson
In "The Accidental Salesperson," Chris Lytle lays out a clear sales process that will work for any salesperson and includes plenty of handy scripts, letters and other sales tools.

Book Review: Understanding the Professional Buyer
"Understanding the Professional Buyer" breaks down the entire purchasing process, from writing specifications to signing the contract and beyond.

Book Review: The Innovative Sale
Many salespeople think that innovation belongs in the marketing department. But creativity properly applied can do wonders for anyone's sales process.

Book Review: Be a Direct Selling Superstar
Ever considered direct selling as a career option? Mary Christensen makes a compelling case for it in her latest book, Be a Direct Selling Superstar.

Book Review: Selling in Tough Times
The book "Selling in Tough Times," by sales guru Tom Hopkins, offers ways for salespeople to do just that. It has plenty of suggestions for every aspect of tough times, from protecting your customers from poachers to finding a new job when your company goes under.

Book Review: ProActive Selling
"ProActive Selling" is a primer on staying in control of the sales cycle by being proactive, not reactive, in each stage of the process.

Book Review: New Sales. Simplified.
New Sales. Simplified. is a plan salespeople can use to master the art of prospecting. Weinberg's no slouch at the rest of the sales process, either.

Book Review: Loveworks
Loveworks is an expansion of the theory that Kevin Roberts first proposed in his 2004 book Lovemarks. It backs up the basic theory with research findings and case studies.

Book Review: High-Profit Selling
Mark Hunter's new book "High-Profit Selling" is a guide to help salespeople who struggle to close a deal without offering steep discounts on their products.

Book Review: Corporate Recruiter Tells All
Corporate Recruiter Tells All is a book about the job search process, as observed by professional recruiter Ryan Fisher.

Book Review: Fundamentals of Selling
"Fundamentals of Selling" offers itself as a textbook for basic sales skills and strategies. The basic part is fair enough, but there's nothing new or different about Norred's approach.

Book Review: The Heart of Selling
Terry Hart's "The Heart of Selling" gives a step-by-step on how to draw out prospects and use this information to match them up with the product.

Book Review: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a well-known personal development classic, and there's a reason for that.

Book Review: Malled
A memoir from a woman who went from journalist to retail sales associate, "Malled" is an entertaining read.

Book Review: Slow Down, Sell Faster
The premise of “Slow Down, Sell Faster” by Kevin Davis is that by matching one's sales cycle to the customer's buying cycle, you can close sales faster, even though the customer's buying cycle is much slower than the sales process we all learned in Sales Training 101.

Book Review: Unlimited Sales Success
Brian Tracy has written quite a few sales books, many of which are classics. Unlimited Sales Success won't disappoint readers of his other books.

Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Selling
Are you looking for a sales book on how to sell that will give you the basics and naked truth? There are a ton of sales books out on the market but how hard is it to know which one is best and contains the most meat? Read a quick book review on Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Selling before you decide to make your purchase.

Free CRM Applications
Customer relationship management - or CRM - is a necessity for salespeople, and hundreds of options exist at many levels of complexity. For the new adopter, free crm applications are a good place to start.

Book Review: Whiteboard Selling
Instead of bringing that laptop full of PowerPoint to your next sales presentation, how about just bringing a few dry erase markers? Whiteboard Selling proposes a new way to craft a sales presentation using the simple whiteboard as your canvas.

Book Review: Mastering the Basics of Selling
Mastering the Basics of Selling, by Pete Casto, is a slim volume dedicated to helping the new salesperson understand sales and to give experienced salespeople a refresher in the subject.

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