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Leads and Lead Management

Finding a source of quality sales leads can be both difficult and expensive. Fortunately, you can minimize the time and money you spend sorting through leads with a little careful lead management.

Before You Start Prospecting for Leads
Prospecting is the first step in the sales cycle. But that doesn’t mean that the first thing you should do is grab the yellow pages and start dialing. A little pre-prospecting work will help you come up with leads that are actually compatible with your product or service.

Prospecting That Gets Results
Prospecting for leads is the first step in filling up your sales pipeline. All the closing skills in the world won't help you if you can't set up those appointments in the first place. So knowing how to prospect wisely is crucial in sales.

5 Lead Generation Mistakes
Are you making these common lead generation mistakes? Cutting out these mistakes can save you time and money while helping your sales to bloom.

Why Holiday Prospecting Works
The major holidays are typically a slow time for salespeople, especially B2B salespeople. But that's only because those salespeople aren't taking advantage of the opportunity they present.

How to Build and Maintain an Email Database
Salespeople who take the time to build an email database of leads will be hugely rewarded for their efforts in the form of future sales.

Get Leads Free at the Public Library
Why not save a bit of your sales budget by picking up some lead lists for free? Your local public library probably subscribes to several business directories. You can get all the information you need just by picking up a library card.

How to Keep Leads Organized
If you don't keep your leads organized, odds are that you'll lose track of some of them. And that's just a waste of time, resources, and potential sales.

The Dangers of Hot Prospects
It's always a great feeling when a prospect calls YOU for a change, but do you really have a chance to close those sales?

How and When to Use Social Media
Social media prospecting and social media marketing are hot topics in the business world. But just because a technique is trendy doesn't mean it will work for you.

5 Common Prospecting Errors
Getting enough good leads to fuel your pipeline is crucial to sales success. Yet there are common prospecting errors that can hold salespeople back from finding the prospects they need.

Choosing a Social Media Platform
Have you been thinking about jumping into social media for business purposes? Social media marketing is an exceptionally powerful way to reach a lot of people, but not all platforms are equally effective for all purposes.

7 Tips for Selling at Trade Shows
A tradeshow can be a great place to meet prospects, do some networking, and generally make yourself known to important people in your industry.

Why You Should Join the Chamber of Commerce
Your local Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource. How can you turn down a combination of B2B networking opportunities and free leads?

4 Bad Sale Warning Signs
Some prospects just aren't worth pursuing. The ones that drag you through a torturous sales process and force you to jump over all kinds of hoops will also become less-than-pleasant customers.

Finding Your Ideal Customers
You can increase sales by selling to more prospects, but it's often quicker (and better in the long term) to focus on sales quality rather than quantity. Selling to ideal customers is much easier and tends to yield considerably more revenue.

In-Person Cold Calling
Door-to-door sales usually doesn't work if you want to close a sale on the spot, but as a prospecting strategy it can be quite effective.

3 Qualities of a Strong USP
The Unique Selling Proposition, or USP, is a highly useful tool in both sales and marketing. How good is your company's USP? Check it against these requirements to find out.

5 Steps to Identify Qualified Leads
Not everyone on Earth is a prospect for your product or service. If you're pitching to people who truly don't need or can't buy what you have to sell, you're wasting your time. So take a few minutes to qualify your leads before launching into a full-bore sales presentation.

Designing a Lead Qualification System
The more targeted your leads are, the less time you'll waste weeding out the losers. Most salespeople have a fair number of “garbage” leads to sift through.

Lead Management Systems
Sales leads cost time and money to acquire. Don't waste your leads by using a poorly designed lead management system.

Assessing Prospects
How can you tell if a particular lead has the potential to become a valuable customer? Analyzing a sales opportunity early in the sales cycle can save a lot of unnecessary time and effort.

Selling to a Fortune 1000 Company
How would you like to land an account with a Fortune 1000 company? Think it's impossible? Maybe not - if you can just get a foot in the door.

5 Signs that You're Wasting Your Time
If you're desperate to fill up your pipeline, it's easy to overlook the warning signs that you're talking to the wrong leads. Unfortunately if you keep pursuing unqualified leads you'll make fewer sales than if you'd focused your efforts on solid prospects.

How to Get Referrals
Referrals – otherwise known as getting someone to give you warm leads to new prospects – are valuable for salespeople in all industries. Yet it's incredible how few salespeople actively canvass for referrals.

Asking for Referrals
When you go on appointments, what percentage of your prospects do you ask for referrals? Hopefully, the answer is 100%.

Getting Good Referrals
Referrals are warm leads from a customer or prospect, and good referrals are all but priceless to a salesperson. Following up on a referral is far easier than selling to a cold lead because you've already got a foot in the door. The tricky part is getting qualified referrals in the first place.

Building On Your First Referral
When someone gives you a referral, it's a sign of trust. Don't betray that trust by letting his friend down! How you handle your first referral will determine whether you get any more.

6 Types of People Who Can Give You Referrals

You're not limiting yourself to your own customers when you ask for referrals, are you? It's time to think outside the customer box. There are plenty of other sources for great leads – just don't forget to send a thank-you card when one of your referrers comes through for you!

Quick Tip: Identifying Referral Sources
Referrals are usually a lot easier to close than cold leads. So why not build a team of referral-generating allies?

Powerful Qualifying Questions
Know how to qualify prospects, and you'll save yourself a lot of time later in the sales cycle. These questions can help you turn leads into prospects.

Email Prospecting That Gets Results
Some salespeople use email to reach out to prospects simply because they're afraid of the phone. But email prospecting can be a powerful tool for any salesperson.

Rules for Successful Email Prospecting
Have you had success with email prospecting? If not, perhaps you've been breaking some of the cardinal rules. Check out this list of email prospecting rules to help you to future success.

5 Things You Need to Know to Sell
Collecting important information about your prospect early in the sales cycle greatly increases your chances of closing the sale with him. The more you know, the better armed you are to sell - and the quicker you can stop pursuing non-prospects.

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