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Quick Tip: Questioning Prospects



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Many salespeople have developed a set "pitch" they use to present the features and benefits of their product. While this simplifies the opening approach to new customers, it is often less effective than a more individualized approach.

You will be much more successful if you begin by determining your prospect's needs or wants rather than making an assumption that "one size fits all."

For example, if you're selling cars you may be spending the all-important first few minutes with your prospect by describing the admittedly outstanding gas mileage your product can offer. This may draw in some customers, but you will lose the people whose shopping priority is the sporty red car of their dreams!

Instead, use that first minute or two to ask questions. Find out what your customer is looking for and what is important to them. Then you'll be able to make a customized pitch that focuses on your prospect's priorities, often creating an impressive leap in your close rate. In addition, this approach is much more likely to create a satisfied customer who will return to you time after time, and recommend you to their friends and associates as well.

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