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Customer Service

How to streamline your customer service to increase sales. Customer service starts even before the sales process starts. Great information, tools and information on customer service for salespeople, customer relations reps and business owners.

Providing Great Customer Service
If you want to retain your customers – and encourage them to refer more customers to you – you'll need to give them a reason to do so. And excellent customer service is a pretty good reason.

Why Refunds are the Key to Loyal Customers
When a customer asks for a refund or wants to return an item, something has gone very wrong in the selling process. Here's how to turn a customer service problem into a win.

Selling to Your Existing Customers
Most companies product more than one product, so why settle for only one sale per customer? Selling to existing customers can get them more products they love as well as helping you close more sales.

How to Build Wallet Share
Building wallet share with a customer means selling him multiple products. You can increase wallet share by cross-selling, upselling, or simply selling unrelated products and services.

Coping with an Angry Customer
If you find yourself talking to an angry and unhappy customer, try using this approach to resolve the issue without losing the customer in the process.

6 Ways to Protect Your Customers From Competitors
How do you handle it when your competitors start raiding your customers? Here are some suggestions to help you keep them at bay.

Conducting an Account Review
Your existing customers need your attention too, so don't neglect them in favor of your latest hot prospects. Conducting a regular account review keeps customers happy and uncovers potential sales opportunities.

Why You Should Be Cross-Selling
Cross-selling and up-selling both refer to selling products to existing customers. Both are powerful tools in building a strong relationship with your customers.

Business Gift Etiquette
Giving business gifts can be tricky, whether your customers are consumers or other businesses. Knowing the fine points of business gift etiquette can help you choose gifts that will be received in the spirit you intended.

When You Should Fire a Customer
Sometimes you'll run across a customer who causes you more problems than he's worth. If you can't find a better way to fix the situation, firing the customer can be a viable option.

Turn Your Customers Into Company Ambassadors
Treat your customers well, and it will return to you tenfold. Of course, the opposite is also true. If your customer gets poor service or otherwise has a bad experience with your company, they’ll tell the world about it.

Getting and Using Customer Feedback
Your customers know why they decided to buy from you (and why they almost didn't). That information can be incredibly useful for fine-tuning your sales process - all you have to do is ask for it.

5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty
From the first moment you speak with a new prospect, what you do and say will affect how loyal a customer he will become. And the more loyal a customer he is, the easier your job becomes.

Creating Customer Loyalty
Do you know how to turn one-time purchasers into loyal customers who will buy from you again and again? Read on.

Selling a Price Increase
Everything costs more over time. Sometimes businesses can get away with grandfathering in existing clients at their old rates, while raising prices for new customers. Unfortunately, there comes a time in every business where everyone’s prices will have to go up.

Fixing Mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes they are small ones that only affect you, like not moving your car on street sweeping day and getting stuck with a ticket. But sometimes you'll make a mistake that will affect a customer or prospect, big-time. In those cases you'll need to act fast in order to salvage the relationship.

Protecting Your Customers From Your Coworkers
When you've got a toxic co-worker, that's bad. But when your co-worker is also interacting with (and infuriating) your customers, that's even worse.

Designing an Account Management System
Do you have a system in place for managing your existing customers? If not, you're letting sales opportunities slip through your fingers.

How Customer Service Works
Learn some of the steps in creating a great caring organization. Read about how customer service works and apply it to your business to develop your own, unique style.

Selling to Attain Customer Satisfaction
In the past, the business owner who produced a product, also was the salesperson and they were the only person responsible for how the sale was presented. Now, sales people are the go between and what is said during the sale will be the first step in developing the customer relationship.

Examples of Great Customer Service
A review of the a few of the best practicing customer service companies. Find out what they do to keep their customers satisfied and coming back and see how you can apply what they do to your business.

Do You Really Love Your Customers?
Russ Lombardo interviews Lior Arussy, President of Strativity Group and expert on customer service. Learn some of the common mistakes that sales people make during the sale and how to avoid it. Create higher customer satisfaction by really listening to your customer.

Writing Effective Customer Survey Questions
Great tips for writing your own customer survey questions. Learn the best way to present a question and how to keep from making your questions "leading" so that you get a more honest answer.

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