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Campaigns and Promotions

Stay ahead of competitors with sales promotions designed for both small business owners and sales people. Fresh and easy low budget ideas to increase profits and build your customer base.

How to Create a Sales Campaign
Want to sell a lot of something quickly? The sales campaign is a great way to get a quick infusion of sales.

Solo Sales Campaigns
Ready to run your own sales campaign? Here are some ideas to help you create a successful solo sales campaign.

Email Marketing Tips
Email marketing is a risky way to reach prospects because an email is so easily deleted or ignored. To get good results, you need to send just the right email.

6 Attributes of a Great Sales Offer
Sales campaigns usually involve spending a fair amount of time and money with the expectation of a good return. But if your offer isn't effective, your campaign will almost certainly fail.

5 Common Sales Campaign Errors
A well-designed sales campaign can bring in a ton of sales, resulting in more money for everyone. But if your campaign is flawed by one of these common mistakes, even the best sales skills won't be of much help.

How to Steal Customers from the Competition
Tired of competitors stealing away customers from you? Maybe it's time you returned the favor. Focusing your attention on one competitor allows you to develop the perfect pitch.

Your First Email Marketing Campaign
Getting ready to start using email to connect with your prospects? Email marketing is a great way to reach many prospects at once, but do it wrong and you'll come across as a spammer.

How to Generate Results with Twitter
Setting up a Twitter account and collecting a few followers is just the beginning. If you want to generate results using Twitter, you need a strategy.

Building Your Social Media Brand
It's easier than you'd think to build a powerful personal brand. Thanks to the Internet, you can establish your personal brand with millions of people at once.

Creating an End-of-Year Campaign
The end of the calendar year is actually a great time for prospecting. You can connect with people you'd never reach in normal circumstances, and start the new year with a full pipeline of leads.

Selling in 160 Characters or Less
If you've decided to spend the time and money to launch a text message marketing campaign, you'd better also take the time to compose some really good messages for your prospects.

B2B Mobile Marketing
Text message marketing is a surprisingly good way to reach out to B2B customers. And because it's far less common than consumer text message marketing, you can easily stand out from the competition.

Sales Campaigns in a Down Market
When the economy starts trending downward, many salespeople see their numbers start to slip. A good sales campaign can help you keep the sales flowing – if you design it with the circumstances in mind.

Successful Email Sales
Email selling is a great way to reach a large number of prospects easily with a minimum of time and effort. It’s also far less confrontational than cold calling, an activity that many salespeople dread. The unfortunate flip side is that a sales email is equally easy for the recipient to ignore or delete without even reading it.

5 Ideas for Email Marketing Campaigns
Need a little help designing the perfect email marketing campaign? Try these suggestions on for size.

How to Keep Your Email Campaign Out of Your Prospect's Spam Folder
Email marketing, or e-marketing, is a great way to reach prospects. You can send out emails without having all the costs associated with regular direct mail – costs like printing, envelope-stuffing and postage. The major drawback to e-marketing is that it's hard to be sure that your email even reaches the recipient.

Email Newsletters
A regular email newsletter is a great sales tool. It allows you to touch base with prospects and customers on a regular basis, in a way that helps them.

Quick Tip: Email Subject Lines
Picking the right subject line is vital for sales emails. Often the subject is the only thing a recipient looks at before deciding whether to open an email or toss it out unread.

Sales Promotion Methods and Ideas
Excellent article covering what a sales promotion is and how it us used to create more sales, especially when introducing a new product.

Planning Promotional Programs
Simple step by step method to planning a promotional program for increased sales. Helps you to think through who your target buyer is and what you most want to communicate to that market through your promotional campaign.

Top 10 Direct Mail Mistakes
Direct mail can be a very effective sales tool whatever your target market is. Keep your success high and your costs down by studying this list of common mistakes made when implementing a direct mail program.

Direct Mail Basics
If you have been considering doing your own direct mail campaign your will find this very helpful. A very concise article about what direct mail is, its uses, the different types, advantages, disadvantages and tips on developing your own direct mail piece.

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