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8 Tips for Productive Sales Calls


Sales is a numbers game. The more potential clients you reach, the more sales you will make. But this doesn't mean you can ignore quality in favor of quantity. Deploy a few basic strategies and you can make every sales call count!

1. Get Their Attention in 15 Seconds or Less.

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That's how long you have before your prospect realizes that this is just another lousy sales call and stops listening to you.

2. Create Excitement.

Think yourself into this mindset: you have a fantastic product that will make a great improvement in your customer's lives. You're about to give the person on the other end of the line a huge present by telling them about this wonderful product. Then make sure that energy and enthusiasm comes across in your tone of voice.

3. Mirror the Prospect.

People are most comfortable dealing with other people who are like them. Jot down a few words or phrases that your prospect uses and work them into your pitch. Try to match their volume, speed and tone of voice as well (without taking it to the point of caricature).

4. Use Their Favorite Word.

Studies show that a person's favorite word is their own name. As soon as the prospect tells you his or her name, write it down and then use it at least three times during the call.

5. Don't Take “No” for an Answer.

Many prospects will reflexively say “I'm not interested” or “I'm busy” without really hearing what you have to offer. Instead of hanging up, try asking an open-ended question to jump-start the conversation. Possibilities include “What is your biggest problem right now?” or “What are your goals?”

6. Use Emotion.

Benefits sell because they inspire emotion in your prospect: happy feelings about your product, bad feelings about not having it. Storytelling is very effective so toss in an anecdote or two about your customers and how your product improved their lives.

7. Provide Value.

Offer the prospect something useful regardless of whether or not they buy your product. This can range from a free sample to a no-strings-attached trial period. Giving something valuable to your prospect creates the feeling that they “owe” you.

8. Close Every Prospect.

If the prospect won't talk, ask about a better time to call back. If you get a chance to make your phone pitch, ask when you can come over to make a full presentation. Close every single call, even if the prospect seems completely uninterested. You really have nothing to lose – and a lot to gain – by making the attempt.

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