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Starting a Sales Team

Concerned about hiring sales people and sales managers? Here you will find the most common sense advice on what to look for when putting together a successful sales team. Tips on hiring, compensating, and keeping your sales staff energized.

How to Begin Training a Sales Force

Are you just starting to build a sales force? Learn the first steps to training your sales force and getting them in place. Here you will find a few simple ideas that are simple and easy for you to follow that will help you start to train your sales people. Take a look at what you need to do to get your sales force equipped with the right information and tools which will eliminate problems and conflict later.

What Methods of Sales are Best for My Business

There are many ways of achieving a sale and the different approaches to doing so are known as sales methods. Through the use of certain tools, you can arrange your presentation from the greeting to the close and succeed in making a sale. Find out what the four most common methods of sales are and decide which one or which combination will be best for your business.

Start Building a Sales Team - Build a Sales Team Through a Sales Plan

Before you start building a sales team, learn how to design your own sales plan strategy. Using this tool will aid you in directing your business for success by clearly defining the who, what, where, and how of what you are selling.

When is the Right Time to Hire a Sales Manager?

As a business owner you may be wondering when is the right time to bring in a sales manager to manage your sales team. This article may surprise you because it's not as soon as you think, at least for most businesses.

Tips on Hiring the Right Sales Manager

Some great interview questions to ask your applicants for any sales manager position. Learn what to look for and how to recognize it in a potential new sales manager.

An Interesting Twist on Sales Compensation

Excellent article about how one business owner thought of a way to compensate his sales team that at the same time would also motivate them to care more about the company and their other sales team members.

"Performance-Based Recruiting" Special Report

This site offers a free ten page article on how to write an effective job ad that encourages quality sales people to respond. Article is easy to understand and will take a lot of stress out of the hiring process for you. This is one you will refer back to time and time again.

In-House or Outside Sales Force: Which is Best for Your Small Business

Great article to help the small business owner weigh the pros and cons of either hiring an outside sales force as opposed to developing their own sales team.
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