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Where to Find Sales Jobs

Search These Websites for the Sales Job of Your Dreams


Want to find a sales job? Or... want to find a better sales job? Here are some resources that will get you started.

Sales Job Specific Sites

This site brags that they have “More sales jobs than Monster, Hotjobs & Careerbuilder combined” and that may be the case. They certainly have a lot! One of the things I like about this site is that their search tool is very sales-oriented. You can search by industry (medical sales, for example) or work-from-home sales, or even search for 100% commission sales jobs.

They don't seem to have as many job listings as SalesJobs.com, but they have more sales management jobs than the first site – so if you're looking for a management position this might be a better choice. They also have a separate Canadian sales jobs site.

While they lack the free resume-building tools of the other two sites, they have a lot of sales jobs – including postings by some major corporations. And they do offer a paid resume-building service.

General Purpose Job Sites

HotJobs / Monster.com
That's right, two of the biggest job search sites have merged into one “monster” website. They have a sales jobs section that includes postings for sales management and sales training jobs.

CareerBuilder has a section for “Sales and Marketing Jobs” that includes sales-oriented career advice. Their sales postings seem to be about on a par with HotJobs'.

This is a “slimmed down” jobs site that focuses on doing one thing – posting job listings – and doing it well.

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