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Cold Calling

Rotary-dial phone

Even superstar salespeople tend to dread cold calling. In fact, cold calling doesn't have to be an ordeal. Here's how to cheerfully turn your cold leads into warm prospects.

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Wasting Time

Thursday April 24, 2014

IcebergAs a salesperson, your job is to sell. Hopefully everyone can agree to that much. But in that case, why are you spending time in nonsales activities? I'm talking about things like doing paperwork, attending company meetings, filing, preparing reports, and other minutiae.

An interesting article posted on LinkedIn by Sue Barrett ponders this very question. She looks at some specific activity benchmarks, and considers how removing just a little of the non-sales activity could affect the average salesperson's metrics.

How much valuable selling time are you wasting?

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Webinar Wednesday #138

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Back to SchoolWebinar Wednesday is a celebration of all things webinar. You will find upcoming webinars, links to recorded webinars for those who missed them on the first go-round, and occasional recaps of webinars I recently attended.

New Webinars:

"Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls" (Thursday, April 24th 1:00 pm ET) - hosted by Wendy Weiss. Voicemail and email approaches that get you a call back.

"How To Build Highly Profitable Relationships With C-Level Executives" (Tuesday, April 29th 3:00 pm ET) - hosted by Laura Posey. Building and maintaining long-term relationships with high level decision-makers.

"Webcast Briefing: The Collaborative Sale" (Wednesday, May 7th 2:00 pm ET) - hosted by SPI. Overview of the recently released book of the same name.

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Stand for Something

Sunday April 20, 2014

BinocularsThe last thing you ever want to do is sell a commodity. Commodities are products that all have the same qualities across competitors. In other words, they're bought and sold strictly on price. In that situation, only the cheapest vendor will succeed.

Ideally, your marketing department has done something to make your product stand out for prospects. But even if they have, you can always add your mite and do a little extra product positioning.

Positioning Your Product

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Let Your Creativity Shine

Saturday April 19, 2014

TabletOne of those unwritten rules of business says that the "arty" folks all end up in the marketing department, while the smooth talking ones end up in sales. A new book by Mark Donnolo breaks through those preconceptions by showing that there's a place for creativity and innovation in sales, too.

Donnolo started out in the arts and ended up transitioning into business, eventually getting his MBA. He now runs a sales consulting organization that teaches salespeople how to be creative effectively. His new book lays out the basics of the process he uses to teach salespeople practical creativity.

Book Review: The Innovative Sale

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