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Selling Over the Phone

Learn the basics of selling over the phone. These tools, tips and techniques can boost your phone sales effectiveness.

How to Cold Call
Cold calling: the dreaded sales technique that can make even hardened salespeople shake in their shoes. In fact, cold calling doesn't have to be an ordeal. Here's how to cheerfully turn your cold leads into warm prospects.

8 Tips for Productive Phone Sales

Sales is a numbers game. The more potential clients you reach, the more sales you will make. But this doesn't mean you can ignore quality in favor of quantity. Deploy a few basic sales strategies and you can make every call count!

Cold Call Openers
The first few words you utter during a cold call are by far the most important! If you have a good opening statement, you'll grip your prospect's attention and they'll actually ASK you to tell them more. If you don't, you'll get a lot of "not interested," followed by a click as the prospect hangs up on you.

Develop Your Own Cold Call Opener
The cold call opener is probably the most important part of your cold call. The opener determines whether a prospect will listen to what you have to say, or simply hang up.

7 Voicemail Message Tips
Hate leaving voicemail? These tips can help you leave voicemail messages that will have leads actually returning your call.

6 Common Voicemail Mistakes
Are you making any of these common voicemail mistakes? Try removing them from your repertoire and your response rate should improve noticeably.

Warming Up Cold Calling
If you dread cold calling, then it may be extremely helpful to try one of the following approaches.

Things NOT to Do While Cold Calling
Cold calling is a powerful prospecting tool, but it works much better if you avoid these common mistakes.

Closing Cold Calls
You probably know all about closing sales, but how good are you about closing cold calls? It's just as important to close your cold calls because prospects aren't likely to ask YOU for an appointment.

Crafting a Cold Calling Sequence
Making multiple contact attempts is a basic part of any cold calling campaign. It can be tough to decide just how many contact attempts is enough (without being too much). Too few attempts, and you're throwing away sales... too many, and you're wasting time and annoying your prospects.

Gatekeepers Are Your Friends
If you think of gatekeepers as cold calling obstacles or (worse) as opponents to outwit, you are missing the point. True, there are a few receptionists out there who delight in giving salespeople a hard time. But the vast majority of them will treat you much the same way as you treat them.

Curing Cold Call Anxiety
If you dread making cold calls, you're suffering from the highly common syndrome of cold call anxiety. Don't worry, your condition is absolutely curable if you follow this treatment plan!

Precall Research
Before you start hitting the phones and making those cold calls, it's a good idea to do a little research on your lead list. The question is, how much time should you really be spending on research?

Why You Avoid Cold Calling
Very few salespeople enjoy cold calling, but we do it anyway because it's still the best way to reach new prospects. You may never love cold calling, but there's no reason you should have to hate it.

Preparing for Cold Calls
The more planning you put into your cold calls, the easier and more successful they will be. Prior planning will take up some of your time, but once you've laid out your calling plan you will be amortizing that time with each call. It won't be long before your time investment pays off!

Phone Scripts That Work
A well-written phone script can help your cold calling efforts immensely. Cold calling is hard enough without being forced to ad-lib. By using a script you'll always have the right words on the tip of your tongue.

Alternatives to Cold Calling
Hate cold calling? You do have other options to generate those leads. You may not be able to completely stop cold calling, but you can at least reduce your phone time substantially.

Anatomy of a Cold Calling Script
Good cold calling scripts are built along similar lines. It's up to the salesperson to flesh out that framework with individual details about herself and her products.

5 Ways to Reach an Evasive Decision Maker
When a decision maker seems to vanish in the middle of the sales process it's awfully aggravating. You've already sunk a fair amount of time getting him this far. Why give up now?

Quick Tip: Ways to Improve Your Phone Voice
Want to put more life into your cold calling? Try these tricks.

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