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Sales Management


Sales management can be tricky - you want to keep your team happy and help them produce. Sometimes all it takes is a new way of looking at things.
  1. Assembling Your Team
  2. Working with an Existing Team
  3. Managing the Virtual Office
  4. Training and Development

Assembling Your Team

Shooting star

How to pick the right salespeople for your team and get them organized.

Working with an Existing Team

As a sales manager, your job is to help your team produce. Happy cows give more milk, and happy salespeople are enthusiastic and productive. How you you make your people happy? Read on.

Managing the Virtual Office

Home Offices Are Lonely

Management know-how is even more important for a virtual office than it is for a traditional one.

Training and Development

Graduation Caps

Once you've picked the right salespeople, you'll need to keep them at your peak. Even the best salespeople will start to go stale if they don't have a chance to learn and develop their sales skills.

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